Happy Anniversary to us!

The HighFlyers Aviation Institute is 6 years old today, and with all the team, we thought that it would be a good thing to celebrate it with you. But then, even though it is our birthday, we are the ones bringing out the gifts! Take a look at this:
➡️??If you book a course between September 1st and September 30th, we offer you a 6% discount on the final price!
➡️?? On top of that, because we also want to give back to the community, we let you choose one of our three partner non-profit organizations, to which we will make a matching donation:

?BAPA : Belgian Aviation Preservation Association, the donation made in your name will contribute to the salvage of a Cessna 310 that belonged to the defunct Belgian national airline SABENA
?Axarquia Animal Rescue, the donation made in your name will contribute to save the life of a furry friend and help a group of everyday heroes committed to the welfare of abandoned animals
?‍♀️Female Aviators Sticking Together – Public, the donation made in your name will help sponsor a scholarship to promote women in the aviation field. F.A.S.T. connects and empowers female pilots around the world and cultivates youth to be the next generation of female aviators.

Ah, and then, we left the best for last! If you book an FCL.055 English assessment from our partner AVIAtest on their website https://www.aviatest.eu/booking during this month, the same promotion applies, but with a discount and a donation of 5% as they are celebrating their 5th anniversary!