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Become an air traffic controller without stress

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You are considering a career in Air Traffic Control, and you have heard that the admission tests are difficult? The truth is, the whole process of becoming an air traffic controller requires dedication and effort, but then, it certainly is worth it, no doubt about it.

Being an air traffic controller is one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs out there, and the Highflyers Aviation Institute is there to help you stack all the odds in your favour.

With our combined English course and FEAST coaching, you maximise your chances of success and will be able to attend the different tests and prepare your training without stress.

Our VVIP white glove service: Once you are admitted to your initial training, we will be there, at your side, for a weekly coaching session to give you the extra advantage of private counselling and help you pass all the exams with flying colours, both during initial and transitional training, and also during your OJT! (optional, extra costs involved)

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Price Includes:

Enrollment Fee
40 hours of private tuition
Downloadable course materials (dedicated FEAST software)
Optional weekly coaching for 12 months during your initial and transitional training, with optional extension during your OJT
Educational Advisory Service
Supervision of training programme by our Head of Professional Training


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