About Us

Who we are

Our team of aviation and language professionals is there since 2014 with one goal in mind: helping you feeling safe and comfortable, be it in a cockpit, or in an ops room.

We are striving to help you rise up to all the challenges you face on a daily basis during your studies, your professional life, and, when necessary, when you take tests and assessments.

Our People

Martina De Coster Hunová – martina@aviation-english.be

Martina is our Executive Director and the original founder of the Highflyers Aviation Institute. She has a Private Pilot License and is a certified translator, interpreter and Teacher of English as a Foreign Language. She has flown in many countries such as Belgium, Slovakia, the United States, Malta, the Dutch Antilles and Iceland, amongst others.

She currently teaches various subjects but her preference goes to Aviation English and Radiotelephony, and she also is a ICAO English Rater and ELP Test Designer. Her last achievements include becoming an EASA Safety Ambassador and initiating research on Aviation English and Radiotelephony Training.

In her free time, Martina enjoys reading and long walks in the mountains with her Old English Sheepdog Dunčo,

Jean-François De Coster – jeff@aviation-english.be

Jeff is our Head of Professional Training and has been with us since the early days. He is a former Radar Approach and Tower air traffic controller, and has worked at several units in Belgium for a combined total of over 20 years.

Along the course of his professional path, Jeff has trained several air traffic controllers as On-The-Job Instructor and has been a Theoretical Knowledge Instructor for pilots for the last 5 years. His professional experience includes the development of training facilities and curriculum for ATCOs in Switzerland and consultancy services for authorities and ANSPs in Greece and Spain.
He specialises in Radiotelephony theory, Air Law and Radionavigation, as well as the provision of specialised training for Belgian candidates to the national Radio Operator Certificate.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys playing rock and roll, much to the dismay of his neighbours and pets, gardening and woodworking.

Contacting Us


+32 493 19 49 76 (EN, FR, NL)

+421 918 469 363 (EN, SK)

+34 628 149 382 (ES)